Post Rental Checks

Property Tenders will utilize a combination of technology to document the visit. First, the Property Tender will be wearing a GoPro to document movement around the property while completing a digital checklist form for the property owner. The Property Tender will then conduct a check of the interior and exterior of the property (See Below).  Following the inspection, the Property Tender will send a checklist report with images and notes to the property owner via text message/email at the end of the property check. If the Property Tender comes across any issues, a phone call and text message will be sent to the property owner.  We know there are many "property management" companies in Sussex County, Delaware, but how many truly tend to you and your property's needs? We, at Property Tenders look forward to hearing from you soon, and until then Clear Skies and Smooth Seas.  

Property Tenders will complete a 50+ point check of your property including pictures and notes for each interior room, along with exterior photos of the property from ground level. Below you will find a condensed list of checks the Property Tender will complete during their visit. Please note, our price is based on spending approximately an hour and a half checking and documenting (Images, Videos, and Notes) the interior and exterior condition of your property at time of inspection for a 2000 sq. ft. property.

Please click here to view a sample report.