Who are the Property Tenders?

George Schwendtner is a local middle school teacher who has volunteered, worked, and played in Sussex County for over 15 years. When not in the classroom, he can be found at the Dagsboro Fire Department, in the yard, or enjoying the Delmarva life with his family!  

The idea for Property Tenders?

The idea for Property Tenders stemmed from looking after his family and neighbors' homes and providing real-time information to those away from their property. After experiencing an $80,000 leak from a toilet fitting in an unoccupied family home, George determined that it may have been alleviated had the home been checked regularly. That being said, one of the biggest issues with today's contractors is their lack of timely communication with the homeowner which could cost thousands due to their negligence. He is determined to keep communication with the property owner at the forefront of his business.

Why choose us?

George has often been commended in his career for his ability to communicate and document information. Allow Property Tenders to provide YOU a service that YOU and YOUR property deserve. As a licensed and insured Delaware business, services might be tax deductible. Please feel free to contact George Schwendtner directly to determine how Property Tenders could help check-in on YOUR property. 

Feel free to view George Schwendtner's LinkedIn Page for additional credentials