I am looking to gain your support of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes at Georgetown Middle School (GMS). As one of four CTE teachers at Georgetown Middle School, we have the unique opportunity to provide students a chance to experience real-world science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Middle school students explore the various careers and gain skills needed prior to entering pathways offered at Sussex Central High School and Sussex Technical High School. 

The goal of Project Lead The Way and our other CTE courses are for students to become more confident, critical, problem solvers to tackle the 21st century problems across many industries. All Georgetown Middle School students have the opportunity to experience one or more of the following courses throughout their three years at GMS: 

Flight and Space: (Introduction to Physics related to Motion and Flight, Automotive, Newton’s Laws)

Medical Detectives: (All Medical Fields)

Health/Physical Education: (Mental Health, Impact of Drugs on the Body, Anatomy/Physiology, Fitness)

Science of Technology: (Applied Chemistry, Food Production, Health, Natural Resources, Manufacturing)

Design and Modeling: (Construction, Fabrication, Architecture, Drafting, Digital Design)

Exploring Agriculture: (Environmental, Wildlife Biologist, Veterinary, Conservation, Horticulture)

Exploring Business: (Software Development, Finance, Exploring Careers: Skills, Education/Training, Job Applications)

Art: (Animator, Theater Set, Special Effects, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Fashion Designer, Game Designer, Interior Designer, Brand/Logo Designer, Tattoo Artist, Authors/Illustrators) 

Music: (Recording Engineers, Artist Managers, Composer, Meteorological, Physical Science, Electrical Engineering, Medical Imaging)

We are asking if YOU would like to provide an authentic experience for the students at Georgetown Middle School. We are hoping that you are able to provide a day to visit the school and give a presentation to allow students the opportunity to discover, learn, and network with your industry or career over a 45 minute class period. We are working to fill the gap between classroom and careers. Here at Georgetown Middle School, you, your staff, and company would have the opportunity to provide students with more insight as they will be the candidates for the jobs of the future. 

We look forward to any lessons, demonstrations, or hands-on activities to engage our middle school students, while you provide knowledge and answer questions that we may not be able to answer. As a token of our appreciation, we will be sure to do a social media shoutout for your time and effort. If you wish to join in as a community member stakeholder in our student’s educational journey please contact. 

George Schwendtner at 

Check us out! 

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